“10” exercises that you can do right now to get positivity flowing and begin the healing process

1. Take slow deep breaths, count to 10, concentrate on your breathing, the
     movement, let go of stress.
2. Take a walk around the block and note 10 beautiful things in the world
3. Running, hiking, bicycling
4. Love your animals: walk the dog, horse back riding.
5. Swimming, water aerobics
6. Dance, dance, dance.
7.  Work in a garden, start a flower garden
8. Enjoy yoga, tai chi, or any of the other stress relieving martial arts. Good for  
    physical mental and spiritual discipline

9. Engage in your favorite sport such as tennis, golf,
10. Scream or sing: in the car, the shower, the woods, into the wind, on top of a mountain.

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