Cultural Diversity

A Bibliography of Children’s Books to Promote Better Understanding

Death is a most difficult experience in every culture and the rituals surrounding it are personal and individual to the beliefs of its people. The following is a list of childrenâ??s books which can be used as a resource for grieving children. Through these stories and activities children begin to see that death is universal and that there are many ways to cope with and understand the emotions surrounding the loss of a loved one.

African American
Carter, Dorothy, Bye, Misâ?? Lela, New York; Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 1998
Clifton, Lucille, Everett Andersonâ??s Goodbye, New York; Henry Holt, 1983
Cooke, Trish, The Grandad Tree, Cambridge, Ma; Candlewick Press, 2000
Cosby, Bill, The Day I Saw My Father Cry, New York; Scholastic, 2000.
Fox, Mem, Sophie, San Diago; Harcourt Brace, 1994

Ancient Egyption
Aliki, Mummies Made in Egypt, Harper Collins, 1979
Putnam, James, Mummy (Eyewitness Books), New York; Knoph, 1993

Gerstein, Mordicai, The Mountains of Tibet, New York; Harper & Rowe, 1987
Coutant, Helen, First Snow, New York; Knopf, 1974

Chinese American
Bunting, Eve, The Happy Funeral, New York; Harper & Rowe, 1982

Greek American
Bunting, Eve, I have an Olive Tree, Joanna Cotler-Harper Collins, 1999

Coerr, Eleanor, Sadako, New York; G.P. Putnamâ??s Sons, 1993

Techner, David & Hirt-Manheimer, Judith, A Candle for Grandpa: A Guide to the Jewish Funeral for Children and Parents, New York; UAHC Press, 1993.
Spero, Moshe, Saying Goodbye to Grandma, New York; Pitspopany Press, 1997
Lanton, Sandy, Daddyâ??s Chair, Rockville, MD; Kar-Ben Copies, 1991

Levy, Janice, The Spirit of Tio Fernando: A Day of the Dead Story, Morton Grove, IL; Albert Whitman & Co., 1995
Soros, Barbara, Grandmotherâ??s Song, New York; Barefoot Books, 1998
Johnson, Tony, Day of the Dead, San Diego; Harcout Brace, 1997

Middle Eastern
Alexander, Sue, Nadia the Willful, New York; Dragonfly Books, 1983

Native American
Goble, Paul, Beyond the Ridge, New York; Bradburt Press, 1989
Miles, Misha, Annie and the Old One, Boston; Little, Brown & Co., 1971
Wood, /audry, The Rainbow Bridge, San Diego; Harcourt, 2000
Momaday, N. Scott, Circle of Wonder: A Native American Christmas Story, Albuquerque; University of New Mexico Press, 1999

Puerto Rican American
Nodar, Carmen Santiago, Abuelita's Paradise, Morton Grove IL; Albert Whitman & Co., 1992

Southern Rural American
Ross, Kent & Alice, Cemetery Quilt, Boston; Houghton Mifflin, 1995
Carson, Jo, You Hold Me and Iâ??ll Hold You, New York; Orchard Books, 1992

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