David Ben-Gershon


David Ben-Gershon

During my years of experience, and during life in general, in the police and especially as a Social worker in a geriatric nursing home, I encountered the mortality of all of us - on a very frequent basis: Families of people who were killed in traffic accidents, in military service, in terrorist outrages, and people whose lives had run their course - and I sat with their surviving relations and friends. Please visit my website at www.CallDave4Help.com
Experience and qualifications :
My over 30 years of professional experience are as follows:

1975-1978: Education officer and social worker in the prisons service.

1982-1988: Juvenile investigator in the police.

1989-1991: Social worker in charge of rehabilitation of the blind in the welfare department of the city of Ashdod, Israel.

1992-1996: City of Ashkelon, Israel municipal welfare department: Social worker and case manager in a detox/rehab center for drug addicts and their families.

1996-1999:Social worker in a boarding school with problem children.

1999-2002:Social worker in various geriatric-work positions.

2002-freelancer doing, organising and working with groups, individual and family oriented substance-abuse, detox and rehab, couples councelling, mediation in divorce and small claims cases.

Education / Credentials:
Hebrew university of Jerusalem:

Licensed (State of Israel) social worker.

Additional University degree in Social sciences from Open U, Tel-Aviv.

Post graduate studies: State of Israel Ministry of social welfare study center for professionals in Substance abuse and Geriatrics.

Private course in Legal mediation, Including licensing By the judiciary that allows me to receive referrals from family(=divorce) court and small claims court in solving disputes.

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