Ned Levitt

Toronto, Canada

Ned Levitt

Ned Levitt is a leading Toronto lawyer. He is a prolific writer and frequent speaker in the field of franchising, licensing and distribution law. Born in 1947, he lived a charmed life for 48 years, until the death of his 18 year old daughter, Stacey. Rather than be crushed by such a horrific event, Ned began a journey of survival, healing and ultimately of redemption. Ned has led many bereavement groups, provided grief support on the internet for Bereaved Families of Ontario and chaired their 20th anniversary symposium. He has done workshops on bereavement and been a motivational speaker at numerous public forums. Ned is the author of the recently published book "No Mountain Too High, A Fathers Inspiring Journey Through Grief", which chronicles his search for meaning in the loss of his daughter. He has appeared many times on television and radio. His climb up Mt. Ixta in Central Mexico, to complete his daughters climb, was the subject of a TV documentary, "I Am A Rose", which was jointly funded and aired by CBC TV and Vision TV. Ned is currently an active member of the Steering Committee for Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario.

"No Mountain Too High, A Fathers Inspiring Journey Through Grief"

Television Appearances:
TV documentary, "I Am A Rose", which was jointly funded and aired by CBC TV and Vision TV

Workshops, Presentations and Educational Seminars:
Ned has presented keynote speeches on the following topics:

  • Creating a Culture of Empathy - Caring is Good for Business:
Everyday, in every business, someone comes to work in crisis. More time will be spent in pain at work, than anywhere else, and yet the work place is often the least supportive, and the unhealthiest environment for healing. Some people will always lend a supporting hand; others will never get involved. For the vast majority, they would help, if they knew how, and were empowered to do so. Ned will share his hard earned lessons and insights, to help businesses create a culture of empathy. The result will be reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, team spirit and cohesiveness, and increased employee retention.

  • Leaving a Legacy:
Executives think that they don't have time to do it all. In this compelling keynote, Ned Levitt will inspire you to create the time to live life fully and leave a legacy for your loved ones. Come ready to laugh, to cry, and to celebrate life. Through examples from his own life, and powerful insights from his heroes, Ned will illustrate how to live in a way that keeps you true to yourself and your loved ones.

  • Turning Pain into Power:
Pain, suffering, loss, disappointment; they are part of being human and alive. While the severity of life's challenges may be in question, the inevitability of challenge is not. It matters much less what happens to us in this life than how we react to it. Ned will enthrall the audience with his passionate story of loss, survival and, ultimately, redemption. You will come away with the knowledge and conviction that you can survive any crisis and make meaning from the meaningless. In the process, you will be freed to live your life on purpose and with purpose.

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