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Corporations and Businesses: Many productive work hours are lost as a result of employees returning to work while they are still grieving their loss. They may lack motivation, creativity and the necessary skills it takes to do their job effectively. Companies risk losing valuable staff members who have difficulty functioning in a work environment after experiencing the death of a loved one. Many organizations have already adopted a policy of compassion for the bereaved in the workplace, including the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington D.C. If employers create an environment in the workplace that addresses the needs of the grieving employee, they can then begin to heal and soon return to their previous work capacity. In the long term, grief education is not a major added cost to a company but a long-term, cost saving employer benefit.

Professionals and non-professional caregivers working in a healthcare setting are often faced with the death of a patient or co-worker. They may experience disenfranchised grief, meaning that their grief is not recognized or validated. Staff such as doctors, nurses, technicians, secretaries, or orderlies, can be less productive if their grief is unresolved and would benefit from one of ShareGrief's specialized workshops.

Death affects children emotionally, behaviorally, spiritually and academically. Teachers can benefit from training on how to help the children they teach cope with the death of a family member or friend.

Volunteers working in hospitals or in other health care settings are often faced with the death or impending death of a patient. They may lack the necessary skills it takes to cope with those feelings of loss, and would benefit from training.

Cross Cultural Grieving. All societies have their own customs and beliefs surrounding death and dying. Our specialists are sensitive to rituals and beliefs of grievers from a variety of cultures. We are aware that everyone grieves in his or her own unique way and are available to address the needs of your organization or religious institution.

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